Jazz Piano Lessons In St. Louis

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.

Jazz music is still one of the most powerful forms of music in the world and it all starts with that swing. Swing is that feel that makes you tap your foot or jump up and dance. It’s the sound that makes you want to snap your fingers. Swing is what drives the emotion behind a great jazz performance. It just feels so good.

Have you always wanted to learn how to play jazz piano? Do you want to learn how to swing like the best of them? I got you covered. I have been a jazz pianist my entire adult life and it is by far my favorite style of music to play. But it is also my favorite style of music to teach!

Jazz music is freedom. Sure there are some rules. But once you learn the rules, you are free to break them! All the musical ideas floating around in your head get to finally come out when you play jazz. It’s all about creating on the spot. Art in it’s purest form. And even if you are a total beginner on the piano, you can start learning how to play jazz today!

I have been teaching jazz piano in St. Louis since 2009 and have had a lot of fun seeing my students learn about this whole new musical world! If you are a beginner, I can teach you all the basic piano fundamentals that piano players need to have. I can teach you about scales, key signatures and proper finger technique. Then, I can teach you how to play chords and show you some common musical forms. Finally, we’ll add the extension notes that make jazz chords so cool, maybe a little rhythm, and look out — your’e playing jazz!

“Look out- you’re playing jazz!”

Yes jazz is a complex form of expression, but don’t let that scare you. The right teacher can walk you through all the ins and outs and get you started on the right foot. The right teacher can also help you figure out what the best songs are to learn. Which one’s are easiest for a beginner? Which ones do I need to know to play with other musicians?

Whether you are a total beginner on the piano or already have some skills, I can help answer all these questions for you and more. You’ll be swingin’ in no time!

For more information about piano lessons, please shoot me a message by visiting: https://chrisluppyswan.com/contact

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