Piano Lessons In St. Louis, MO

Are you looking for piano lessons in St. Louis, MO? I am a piano player, singer and band leader as well as piano instructor and audio production instructor. I specialize in teaching how to play piano by ear! I can teach you the system that all professional musicians use when it comes to learning songs. You will be able to hear a song off the radio and sit down and play it. It’s a lot of fun! I also make sure I customize each lesson to what the student wants to learn. If you want to focus on the classical repertoire, then we will do that. If you want to learn to play songs off the radio, we will do that. For students of all ages, you will learn the fundamentals while also learning the things you love to play!

I have been in the music business my whole life! I played my first gig when I was 12 and haven’t slowed down since. I am a full-time musician playing bars, restaurants and private parties in St. Louis. I play with a number of jazz musicians around town, I have my own band (Sky West Trio), and I also play in a few piano bars. I took piano lessons for about 15 years (from ages 5–20) growing up and continue to study and improve my playing to this day. I also studied piano performance at Greenville University. I have been teaching piano since 2009 out of my home studio as well as teaching at Midwest Music Conservatory from 2011–2014. Music is my passion and my career and I love passing on what I have learned to new students!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that I get a lot. Hopefully these will answer a few questions you may have.

  1. How much are lessons? My lessons are $30/30mins, $40/45mins, and $60/60mins. Discounts are available if you pay for 4 lessons at a time or more!
  2. Do you travel to student locations or does student need to come to you? At this time, I am unable to travel to student locations, so students need to come to me. I teach out of my studio in my home in Dogtown (near Maplewood/Richmond Heights).
  3. What do I need to bring to my first lesson? All you need to bring to your first lesson is a notebook.
  4. How often should I do lessons? Ideally, a 30-minute lesson once a week is perfect for most students. If you have a lot of time to practice and want to really go for it, we can do 45 minutes or an hour once a week.
  5. What happens if I can’t make a scheduled lesson? We all get sick or have things come up so don’t worry. If you can’t make a lesson, we just need to schedule a makeup lesson for another day that same week. If we can’t find a time that works, then you will be charged for that lesson. This just helps keep your weekly lesson time reserved for you. If you know at the beginning of the month, however, that you will be gone on a certain day, just let me know and you won’t be charged for that day.

I love helping students reach their playing and performance goals! Whether they want to play Mozart or they want to figure out a song from a movie, it’s a blast to help students discover how to play a tune they know and love. It is also so much fun to experience the moment certain things “click” and my students start to understand a new concept. I hope to maybe experience those same moments with you!

If you’d like more information on piano lessons in St. Louis, MO, please visit: http://stlpianolessons.com.

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