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Are you looking for piano lessons in St. Louis, MO?  Do you want to learn to play the piano by ear?  Do you want to learn to play your favorite song off the radio?  Wouldn’t it be awesome to be one of those people who can hear a song and sit down and play it?  Or maybe you want to pursue the traditional classical repertoire?  Looking for piano lessons for the kids?  Or maybe you are a singer or performer and you want to take your live shows to the next level?

You are in the right place.

Chris SwanI offer piano lessons to people of ALL AGES and ALL SKILLS!  Whether you have never touched a piano before or you want to brush up on your skills, I have years of experience teaching children as young as 5 and adults as old as 75.  I customize your lessons to focus on the things YOU WANT TO LEARN. If you want to learn to play classical piano, we will focus on that. If you want to learn to play songs you hear on the radio, we will focus on that. I can teach you the system that professional musicians use to hear a song once and sit down and play it!

I also teach audio production. I have been working in studios my whole life and would love to help you learn how to create your own recordings and make them the best they can be!

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I have been playing piano for over 35 years.  It is what I love to do most in the world.  And I love helping other’s achieve their musical goals as well.  I have been teaching since 2009!  I love helping people reach their musical goals!  I have taught both privately and at a music conservatory.  Here are my credentials:


Piano Instructor

Dec 2009 – Present

Piano Lessons By Chris Swan

Piano Instructor

Aug 2011 – Oct 2014

Midwest Music Conservatory


Aug 2009 – Present

Jim Manley Duo


Aug 2001 – Present

The Sky West Trio


Founder and CEO

Jun 2017 – Present

Soul Motivation Records


Piano Performer

Nov 2015 – Apr 2016

The Live Juke Joint Dueling Piano Bar

Piano Performer

Oct 2007 – Apr 2016

Spanky Entertainment

Piano Performer

Sep 2011 – Sep 2013

Harrah’s Casino Piano Bar

Piano Performer

Oct 2007 – present

Jive and Wail Dueling Piano Bar


Aug 1996 – Sep 2005

LP Outsiders

Entertainment Director/Singing Waiter

Sep 1994 – Aug 1995

Big Buck Brewery and Steakhouse


Piano Performance

Aug 1995 – May 1997

Greenville College

Private Piano Lessons

Sep 1981 – May 1997

Numerous Revered Instructors

Studio 1

I want you to enjoy your lessons while also learning the fundamentals. I have a beautiful, newly renovated studio where I teach out of in Dogtown (St. Louis city).

Lesson Pricing

30 minutes: $30

45 minutes: $40

60 minutes: $50

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Here is what others are saying about Piano Lessons by Chris Swan:


 Russ Apr 27, 2016
Piano · In home

“Chris is awesome! He tailored my lessons to help me cover the skills that I most needed/wanted to work on while continuing to cover the basic materials he takes all his students through. He’s professional, easy-going, flexible, and is a super talented player. Highly recommended for students of any playing level, or any age!”

 Aaron Apr 15, 2016
Piano · In studio

“Chris is very knowledgeable about piano music. Also, he is patient and understanding.”

 Bill Apr 14, 2016

“Chris is a very patient and caring person who not only continually works on his own skills and attitudes, but also encourages and rewards those qualities in others – both students and friends alike. His sense of humor, ability to motivate others, and his wide knowledge of music – everything from jazz standards to classic rock to hip hop – make him an excellent teacher for virtually any piano student.”

 Albert Apr 13, 2016
Piano · In studio

“Chris is simply the BEST!! patient and very thoughtful If your trying to learn the piano or simply wanting to brush up on your technique look no further because Chris is well versed in all genres of music. His trio played for my benefit last Friday to a standing room only crowd making the event both a success and memorable.”

 Rhonda Apr 13, 2016
Piano · In studio

“Chris is an amazing teacher! He has helped me understand and connect the dots quicker than any other piano teacher has. He will teach you to your preferences as to how and what you want to learn. He is patient, caring, kind, and thorough. He truly wants the student to understand the music but to have fun while doing it. He has a great sense of humor and makes the student feel comfortable. Oh and there is no use of rulers to slap fingers who make mistakes!!”

 Drew Apr 13, 2016

“Chris is great, really knows his stuff and relays it well to students. Excellent musician and teacher.”

 RickApr 13, 2016

“Chris is one of the most generous people and an incredibly talented musician. Whenever anybody asks who I recommend for a piano teacher I always send them to Chris.”

 Jason Apr 13, 2016

“Chris is a world class piano player and one of the easiest going instructors anyone could hope to find. He is genuinely interested in his students success and is very patient and kind.
Chris loves music and his energy can be contagious.
Ultra positive and knowledgeable instructor.
This is not a typical strict judgmental curt instructor. Chris is kind and warm and wants others to succeed.
And…. did I mention he is a world class piano player?”

So, are you ready to have a seat and start learning?

Studio 3

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